суббота, 21 июня 2014 г.

Updates for Vancouver 1998 and Hongcong

Due to the release documentation for Car-SDK, I temporarily stopped work on the tracks. I wanted to release a set of updates, but did not, this share what I have done.

Small update for Vancouver track:

  • TV Cams
  • Mini-map
  • AI (mainly created for cameras)

DropBox (358Kb)

And slightly larger update fo Hongkong:

  • Mini-map
  • Mini-hack ;-) -  now you can play in race mode with true finish-line, after crossing it race will is over(with 2 laps in settings)
  • AI - made it for fun

DropBox (100Mb)

3 комментария:

  1. Why don't you make any other tracks? Please make london River in need for speed shift! ^^ Cheers!!

    and Can you fix the hongkong adds over 22 grids, and available lot of laps.....?

  2. Приветствую!
    Есть ли мысли по поводу конверта Moscow Raceway для FC?